Writing Resume

Professional Goals: Travel writing, historical writing, novel/creative writing.

Areas of Expertise: Travel (specifically Australia, North America, and Southeast Asia), Food and Beverage, Cheese/Dairy Industry (former cheese maker), Interior Design, Nature, History, Crafting, and Americana Music.

Current Job:

Employed by Ranker.com since May 2017, currently writing for the Weird History and Weird Nature Teams. I also regularly pitch my own ideas for the Culture, Makeup, Unspeakable Crimes, and Graveyard Shift categories.

“Top Tier” Writer- over 6 million total views on articles.

Ranker Profile HERE

Other Published Work:

Nashville, Tennessee- Midnight Movies, Speakeasies, and Hot Chicken


TheProse.com- Picked as one of the Top 50 entries in the Simon & Schuster Challenge; short story “Meet Me In The Woods” was then submitted to S&S for consideration.

“Meet Me In The Woods”- Read It HERE

UpWork Profile:


Continuing Professional Developement:

Completed Open University’s “Start Writing Fiction” course on FutureLearn; 8-week MOOC designed to help writers develop dynamic fictional characters and learn basic plot structure.