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When I first moved to Brisbane last year, I was not all that enthusiastic about it. That might actually be putting it mildly. I moved for my boyfriend, and fellow backpackers had warned me that Brisbane just wasn’t all that exciting or special. It took me almost the whole year to realize how wrong they really were.

Brisbane, as it turns out, is packed with hidden gems. It opens up like a flower once you know where to look, and thanks to my man and our new friends I did a lot of exploring around town. From free comedy nights at the Powerhouse to bars with secret doors on Caxton Street, the “beaches” of South Bank and the colorful hippie vibes of West End, there was a whole lot for me to love.

I never would have guessed I would miss this place so much once I was gone. It’s a hard call to make, but of all the new places I saw one of my favorites was the Eat Street Market, down by the river in East Brisbane.

"Dessert Alley"
“Dessert Alley”

What~ The marketplace has a pretty unique look, made up almost completely of shipping containers. The huge complex is made up of food stalls, bars, concert stages, an outdoor movie theater, and locally owned retail shops. Don’t even get me started on what I call “Dessert Alley,” where fantastic things like “Conuts” can be found (an ice cream treat where the cone is a donut).

Eat St 1Where~ The newly re-done complex is located on the East side of the city, in a neighborhood called Hamilton. It’s not too far out from the city center, and is well worth the quick cab ride if you’re here visiting. The entry fee is $2.50 per person, but parking is free. They’re open on the weekends, starting around lunchtime.

Why Do It~ You can find food from literally anywhere in the world, amazing gifts, desserts you can’t find anywhere else, and do it all while enjoying the view of the river, craft beer in hand.

My personal recommendations- the tiny boozy cupcakes from Sift are always worth a try, the Golden Gaytime Conuts are amazing (though best shared!), and Nick’s Retro is always a good stop when looking for unique music for your collection.

Cupcakes + Injectable Alcohol!
Cupcakes + Injectable Alcohol!

You can easily spend hours here, as we did several times this year. If you’re anywhere near Brisbane, head on down and give it a try!

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