Favorite Things~ Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe

Unicorn Cafe

Who needs to eat actual Thai food in Thailand? The Unicorn Cafe is one of Bangkok’s quirkier gems; it’s a colorful, overly sweet, and definitely one-of-kind experience.Me+Unicorn

I wandered in one afternoon after hearing friends rave about it, and was lucky enough to share a table with two lovely strangers who quickly turned into friends. It can be a little crowded, but sharing a table with new people only adds to the fun!

Rainbow Soda
Rainbow Soda

What~ Small cafe offering rainbow-dazzled, unicorn-horned, signature drinks and dishes. They also have unicorn plush toys to play with and unicorn onesies to wear, no matter what your age. I tried the Rainbow Carbonara and an extremely sweet and vivid Rainbow Soda. I may always regret not trying the amazing-looking cakes and treats; next time, right?

Where~ A neighborhood in Bangkok, Thailand called Silom. It’s fairly easy to find on Google Maps, but is tucked away off the main road.

Why Do It~ You get to unleash your inner child, spending an afternoon soaking up the unique atmosphere and absorbing heaps of sugar and color. It’s such a big departure from

Rainbow Carbonara
Rainbow Carbonara

the rest of Thailand, and for me it was right on par with the cosplay cafes I encountered in Japan. If you need a break from the hectic streets of Bangkok, or just want to spend some time as a unicorn rather than a person, this is the place to be!

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