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  • Shipwrecked

    Wrecks at Tangalooma

    A few weeks ago, I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of swimming around a sunken ship. It wasn’t a pirate ship, it wasn’t full of skeletons or treasure, and thankfully also didn’t have any Great White Sharks in it. We went on a camping trip to Moreton Island, just off the coast of Brisbane, […]

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  • Tacos in Japan

    When your Australian visa runs out, what’s the best possible life choice you can make? Probably grab the boyfriend and run to Japan. Since I’ll be in visa limbo for the next few months, I’ve decided that exploring Asia is the best solution to my problem of “where to be.” I was so lucky to […]

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  • Lingo

    2016-08-16 10.16.06

    For the last few months, I have been what I like to call “loosely employed.” I love my job at the American BBQ place in our neighborhood, but it’s been very part-time. This has left me with an incredible wealth of free time, and I’ve been finding all kinds of ways to fill it. I’ve […]